Guinness World Record Attempt:
Cricket Net Session-Endurance Marathon.


Click here for more details!


9:00pm – As the clock struck 25 hours, Jade called ‘stumps’. Well done on a massive effort.

8:18pm – Jade is pushing through to 9pm (unlike our webcam – sorry) to make it 25 hours.

8:00pm – HE HAS IT!

7:30pm – 30 minutes until 24hrs is up!! He said he will still aim for the 25 hours!

6:52pm – A bit over an hour left to break the longest net session record. More updates to come over the next two hours!

4:13pm – Jade is into the home stretch… over 20 hours down! Come on down to the Windsor Park precinct to see some history! Be part of it for a donation and bowl some balls to him. At 8pm AEDT hopefully he will still be going to beat the current record and go through until 9pm!

3:32pm – To keep Jade’s brain ticking, he has the challenge to knock over 3 bottles to get about $50 to add to the Save the Tassie Devil fund. 2 down so far. He had the same challenge overnight for $100 from Patrick Graham. Thanks to all people donating!

3:10pm – Jade is taking a 10 minute break now. As of 3pm, he had faced 13,026 balls.

2:40pm – The Examiner came down for some pics and an article. More in the paper tomorrow.

2:00pm – Jade has now completed 18 hours of batting in the nets! He has now faced 12,962 balls (573 and 357 in the last two hours).

1:53pm – Check out this awesome article on the Fox Sports website about the world record attempt.

1:32pm – Jade has resumed and is facing deliveries from some of his mates. Some are taking advantage of his tired head, while some are still getting carted for 4 runs every ball!

1:10pm – We are 17 hours and 10 minutes into the world record attempt. Jade it taking a 10 minute break before resuming for an afternoon session. The finely tuned athlete might not have one of the free sausages for lunch… so come on down and get yourself one while celebrating Jade’s awesome achievement so far. Under 7 hours to go.

12:29pm – Jade just faced his 12,354th ball to beat the amount of balls faced in the original 24 hour record.  Woohoo! 7.5 hours to go to crack the 24 hour mark.

12:25pm – Under 50 balls to go to break the record amount of balls!

12:02pm – 573 balls were faced in the 16th hour taking the total to 12,065… getting close now!

11:11am – The record to beat the 12,353 balls will probably come soon after 12pm. If you’re in the area, come on down to witness the milestone and encourge Jade on his way past the 24 hour record.

11:02am – Jade is taking a 10 minute break after facing 634 balls in the last hour to take his total balls faced to 11,492.

10:17am – In the 14th hour, Jade faced 613 balls to take his total to 10,858. Less than 10 hours to go to break the 24 hour mark.

9:55am – Jade is being interviewed by the WIN TV news crew.

9:01am – 13 hours have been ticked off. The last hour saw 452 balls faced (a few from bowlers) for a total of 10,245 balls so far. That’s an average of 788 balls per hour.

8:40pm – Jade is taking a 20 minute break.

8:03am – Jade has just passed the 12 hour mark in his quest to break the record for the longest cricket net session. He has now faced 9693 balls. The last two hours he faced a massive 957 and 1126 deliveries.

6:27am – While most of us were sleeping, Jade continued on with his mission. He recently ticked over the 10 hour barrier. The hourly breakdown since the last update is… 524 (includes 20 minute break), 888, 846, 850, 541 (second 20 minute break), 934. A massive effort that saw him face now a total of 7610 balls in 10 hours. Jade is well and truly going to smash the amount of balls faced in the previous record. Matt Donaldson was interviewed on Radio Sport National updating the radio audience on the progress and Jade spoke via the speakerphone.

12:21am – Jade is back into it. He’s feeling good after a bit of a sit down.

12:04am – Four hours down. Jade faced 3,027 balls in this time (hourly breakdown – 662, 803, 775, 787). He is taking his first break … a much needed toilet break, bite to eat and a drink. Jade will resume at 12:20am.

11:07pm – First three hours down, 2240 balls faced so far. Jade will continue through until midnight for a 20 minute rest. Thanks for the messages of support.

8:01pm – Jade started to a countdown right at 8pm. The journey has now started! Click here to watch the video from the start of the session.

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